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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Adobe LiveCycle Designer Tip #5 - Palette Control

Designer has 16 different palettes, a design surface and a script editor window.  In an ideal world we would have two screens so we can spread them all out.

For those of us with only one screen moving from palette to palette can be a pain.  If you have them docked at the sides then you'll need to click the 'thumb' controls to expand, which I find a bit of a small target to click on.

What I find easier is to have the palettes in one palette window.  I have the Hierarchy, Data View, Style Catalog, Info, Font, Paragraph, Drawing Aids, Style Catalog on the left and Object, Layout, Border, Accessibility, Object Library, Fragment Library on the right.

To drag a palette onto another palette window drag the palette tab (not the palette title bar) on top of the target palette.

You can then end up with a layout looking like;

Which gives me a bigger target to click on.

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