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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Adobe LiveCycle Designer Tip #7 - Formatting Tooltips

With the tooltips available with LiveCycle Designer there is no options to add formatting to a tooltip.  You can try using a subform and dynamically position it next to the field, like this sample Season Planner (or Year Planner) PDF Template.

One thing you can do is add some carriage returns to add some vertical space.  For a long time I was doing this by editing the XML Source and adding a carriage return character "
" in the toolTip value.

But you can do the same thing from the Accessibility palette by using a ctrl-Enter key combination. 

Seems everywhere you can enter a rich text value you can use shift-Enter but maybe because the Tool Tip value in the Accessibility palette is not rich text we have to use ctrl-Enter.

You can also gain some control over the tooltip width by using a non-breaking space (Ctrl-Shift-Space, which inserts a 0xc2a0 character) instead of a normal space.


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  2. Hi,

    the Ctrl + Enter combination also works for the default value of text fields when you allow multiple lines.

  3. I hadn't used that one, but I had used a return in a null pattern, but in that case you do have to edit the XML Source or maybe use a script, like;

    TextField1.format.picture.value = "null{'hello\rworld'}";

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