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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Adobe LiveCycle Designer Tip #8 - Bringing colour to your workspace (and other settings)

I recently received an upgraded computer, which meant I had to re-install LiveCycle Designer ... and find all my settings again.

Tools ... Options ... Document Handling

Increase the number of files in the Recently Used File List to 10.  This seems to be the maximum, although there is no error when a higher number is entered the value will not be saved.

Set the Create Backup Copy on Save, this will create a _BAK.pdf file (or a _BAK.xdp file) which gives you a chance to recover your work if Designer crashes on you.  The disadvantage of setting this option is when you edit a fragment the _BAK file will be created and the fragment will be duplicated when viewed in the fragment library.  Another way you can recover your work if Designer crashes to look for a PDF file in your Windows %temp% directory with some random looking name _1f7o26cap4d25e8q1t.pdf this is the file that is created whenever you perform a PDF Preview.

Tools ... Options ... Workspace

Under JavaScript Syntax Formatting ... select a custom color for strings and numbers, I use an orange color.  I used to have a boss who set his to red, he never wanted to see any red.  I'm not that strict so set mine to an orange.  The idea is to make you think if these values would be better off in a form variable or a dataset.

Select the Show Line Numbers checkbox, any runtime errors will refer to a line number so showing line numbers makes it easier to find the right line.  Just make sure there are no blank lines at the start of your script as these aren't counted when line numbers are displayed in error messages.

Tools ... Options ... Data Binding

Set the Show Dynamic Properties checkbox, this will enable the option to bind values in a drop down to the data connection

Set the Default Binding for New Subforms to "No Data Binding"

Window ... Drawing Aids

Deselect the Snap to Grid option to allow finer control over the form objects, typically I use flowed subforms but even with a positional subform it is usually easier to align with another object, under the Layout menu or learn the keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl-LeftArrow to align a group of fields on there left boundary, etc.

Tools ... Keyboard Shoutcuts

Add Ctrl-Shift-w for Warp in Subform and Ctrl-Shift-u for Unwarp Subform.  The default keyboard shortcuts are listed in Using Designer ES4 / Working with the Keyboard / Default keyboard shortcuts

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