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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Adobe Dialog Manager (ADM) in Acrobat JavaScript: progress_bar

This sample demonstrates the undocumented progress_bar control when using Adobe Dialog Manager (ADM) in Acrobat JavaScript, also called a custom dialog using the app.execDialog()

The control can be defined with the following code;


  type: "progress_bar",

  width: 100,

  height: 22,

  item_id: "PBAR"


 Updates to the position of the progress bar can be made with 

dialog.load({"PBAR": (100 / this.fieldCount) * validFieldCount});

 This code sets the progress bar to a value between 0 and 100 depending on how many valid fields there are.

I started playing with the progress bar control when attempting to develop a timed dialog using  app.setInterval()  but the timer seems to be paused when a dialog is display (as it is if a menu is opened)

Still there are some other uses and this sample uses a progress bar to show how much of the dialog is complete and another to indicate the password strength.


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