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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Adobe Dialog Manager (ADM) in Acrobat JavaScript: insertEntryInList, removeAllEntriesFromList and insertSeparatorEntryInList

This sample demonstrates the undocumented list methods available when using Adobe Dialog Manager (ADM) in Acrobat JavaScript, also called a custom dialog using the app.execDialog()

These methods, on the JavaScript API > Dialog object, are;




As they are undocumented they could disappear in future releases of Adobe Reader but they are also used by Reader itself,  if you open a JavaScript debugger console and type IWDistributionServer you will see the source code of one of the JavaScript functions that use it.

This sample implements a ListPicker control, ListPicker.pdf

Once the selections are made the you can move a separator line (the blue line in the selection list) up and down.

The separator line can be added to a list with the load method by using the property name "\-" but seems to always appears at the beginning, so the code which you would expect to add a separator as the second item.

dialog.load({ "LST1" : { "abc" : -1, "\\-" : -2, "def" : -3 } })

Adds it as the first.

To achieve the effect we wanted we would need to use;

dialog.insertEntryInList({ "LST1" : { "abc" : -1 } })
dialog.insertEntryInList({ "LST1" : { "def" : -3 } })


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